Fill in the blanks with suitable words:

a) The capacity of computer depends on the software used in it.

b) The four basic parts of computer are keyboard, monitor, system unit and mouse.

c) A computer processes the data according to the given instructions.

d) The speed of a computer is measured in Mega Hertz or Giga Hertz.

e) The speed at which CPU executes instructions is called clock rate.

Match the following columns:

a) Data = Raw fact

b) GIGO = Accuracy

c) Computer Game = Entertainment

d) CAI = Teaching aid

State whether the following statements are True or False:

a) A computer is an electronic machine that processes the data and gives the information. True

b) A computer takes result as an input, processes the result and gives the output. False

c) Today optical technology is used in hard disk drives. False

d) Nowadays computer games are mostly available on external hard disk. False

Write the full forms of the following:

a) CPU = Central Processing Unit

b) GHz = Giga Hertz

c) GIGO= Garbage In Garbage Out

d) E-mail = Electronic Mail

e) CD = Compact Disk

f) DVD = Digital Versatile Disk

g) CAI = Computer Aided Instructions

h) CBT = Computer Based Training

i) ICU = Intensive Care Unit

j) ECG = Electro Cardio Gram.

k) GUI = Graphical User Interface

Write the technical terms for the following statements:

a) The repeated working capacity of computer. Diligence

b) The features of computer that tell, it can be used in every field. Versatility

c) An error or mistake obtained due to wrong input of data and instruction. GIGO

d) Raw facts or symbols collected from various sources. Data

Select the correct answer from the given options:

a) Computer works on the basis of:

i. Input and Output ii. Read and write iii. Input, processing and output iv. None

b) Which of the following is application of computer?

i. Education ii. Entertainment iii. Banking iv. All

c) Which is known as accurate processing of computer?

i. GIGO ii. E-mail iii. Mhz iv. Bug

d) Which is the result of processed data?

i. Input ii. Output iii. Storage iv. None of the above

Write very short answer of the following questions:

a) What do you mean by data?

Ans: The collection of raw facts or unprocessed means that can be found after some experiments or observations is called data.

b) What is the measurement unit of clock speed of computer?

Ans: The measurement unit of clock speed of computer is MHz or GHz.

c) Write any one use of computer in medical field.

Ans: Any one use of computer in medical field is that it can be used to train doctors using virtual surgery technique.

d) Which unit of computer is used to process the data?

Ans: Processing unit (i.e., CPU) of a computer is used to process the data.

e) Is computer, an electronic device?

Ans: Yes. A computer is an electronic device.

f) What is GIGO?

Ans: A situation during which a computer produces wrong output due to wrong input is known as GIGO.

g) Why is computer called versatile machine?

Ans: A computer is called a versatile machine because it is applicable in almost all fields and can perform a wide range of tasks from simple operations to complex ones(i.e, CADs, navigating satellites, etc.).

Write short answer of the following questions:

a) Define computer and draw the figure of computer.

Ans: Computer can be defined as an electronic device that takes raw data as input, processes it according to the pre-defined set of instructions and gives meaningful information as a result or output to the user. The figure of a computer is shown below:

b) How are computers used in education and entertainment?

Ans: Computers are used in education and entertainment in the following ways:


i. For online learning, distant learning.

ii. For teaching and learning purposes.

iii. For doing assignments, preparing reports,e tc.


i. For playing video games.

ii. For watching movies on YouTube, NetFlix, and listening to music.

c) Explain the working system of a computer with an example.

Ans: A computer is an electronic machine that takes input, processes it and gives the result or output to the user. It follows IPO cycle as its basic working principle, which consists of the following three steps:

i. Input:

It is the act of entering data and instructions into the computer for processing. User inputs data through input devices such as keyboard, mouse, etc.

ii. Process:

It is the step during which the processing unit of the computer (i.e., CPU) processes the inputted data based on predefined set of instructions to generate meaningful information.

iii. Output:

Thus generated information after data processing is called output and is provided to the user through different output devices such as monitor, printer, etc.

d) List any four characteristics of a computer.

Ans: Any four characteristics of a computer are listed below:

i. High Speed

ii. Accuracy

iii. Diligence

iv. Versatility

e) List any five application fields of a computer.

Ans: Any five application fields of a computer are listed below:

i. Education

ii. Medicine and Health

iii. Science & Research

iv. Business

v. Entertainment

f) Why is computer called an information processing machine?

Ans: Computer is called an information processing machine because it takes raw data as input and converts it into meaningful information by means of data processing.

g) Write short notes on:


i. Accuracy: It refers to how accurate the computer produces the result. A computer is considered a highly accurate machine(i.e., almost 100%) because it produces error-free results. It generates the output based on data sets provided as input. It always produces the correct result, if inputs are correct otherwise generates wrong output.

ii. Diligence: It is the ability of a computer to perform any tasks continuously and repeatedly without getting tired and bored with the same accuracy and speed. It is one of the most important characteristics of a computer. And hence computer is also called diligent machine.

iii. Versatility: It is the ability of a computer to carry out a wide range of tasks ranging from simple operations such as addition, subtraction to complex operations such as CAD, navigating satellites. Because of its versatile nature, it can be used in almost all fields. More simply, versatile means flexible.

iv. Computer in medicine and health: Computer is applicable in almost all fields. It can be used in hospitals for diagnosing illnesses, monitoring the conditions of the patients, keeping the necessary records. It can also be used in different medical units such as ICU, ECG, Operation theatre, etc.