Match the following columns:

a) Program = Set of codes

b) Firmware = ROM

c) Accuracy = Garbage In Garbage Out

d) Byte = Storage

e) MS-Word = Software

State whether the following statements are True or False:

a) Computer is very useful machine in data processing. True

b) Data are the meaningful result used in computer. False

c) Program is a set of instructions written in programming language. True

d) Software is the part which can be touched. False

e) The computer users are considered as liveware. True

f) The repeated working capability of computer is known versatility. False

Fill in the blanks with suitable words:

a) The computer development is the greatest achievement of 20th century.

b) The conversion of raw data into useful information is the key task of computer.

c) CPU processes the input data based on predefined set of instructions.

d) The time taken to perform the task by the computer is measured in fraction of seconds.

e) The working principle of computer is based on input, processing and output.

Write the full forms of the following:

a) IPM = Information Processing Machine

b) CPU = Central Processing Unit

c) MIPS = Millions of Instructions Per Second

d) GIGO = Garbage In Garage Out

e) ATM = Automated Teller Machine

f) RAM = Random Access Memory

g) CD-ROM = Compact Disk Read Only Memory

Write very short answer of the following questions:

a) From which word of Latin language, the word computer is derived?

Ans: The word computer is derived from the word “Computare” of Latin language.

b) What is obtained after processing data?

Ans: Meaningful information is obtained after processing data.

c) Compter is electronic or electric device?

Ans: Computer is electronic device.

d) How is speed of computer measured?

Ans: The speed of computer is measured in fraction of seconds such as MHz, GHz.

e) What is the basic unit of measuring storage capacity of computer?

Ans: Bit is the basic unit of measuring the storage capacity of a computer.

f) How many bytes make one kilobyte?

Ans: 1024 bytes make one kilobyte.

Write short answer of the following questions:

a) What is computer? How is it used in banking and shopping?

Ans: A computer is an electronic machine that accepts raw data as input, processes it according to the pre-defined set of instructions and gives meaningful information as a result.

Computer can be used in banking for providing 24/7 hrs banking service through online banking, ABBS(Any Branch Banking Service), managing transactions as well to keep customer’s account details and in shopping, it can be used for online shopping, keep track of goods & products, getting orders, etc.

b) Why is data processing done in computer?

Ans: Data processing is done in computer in order to get meaningful information so that it can be used or interpreted iater.

c) List any four characteristics of computer.

Ans: Any four characteristics of computer are listed below:

i. High speed

ii. Accuraccy

iii. Diligence

iv. Versatile

d) Why computer is called a versatile machine?

Ans: Computer is called a versatile machine because it is applicable in almost all fields and can carry out any sort of tasks ranging from simple calculation such as addition, subtraction to more complex operations such as CAD, navigating satellites.

e) What is meant by liveware?

Ans: A person, user or operator associated with computer field is known as liveware.